Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Button Love

Hello Folks,

You might of guessed by now, that here at Mucky Pup HQ we love Buttons... in fact, it's probably fair to say I'm a little Button obsessed!

So imagine my delight when I came across a new range at IKEA, featuring (you guessed it) Buttons!!

I love everything about these items, the colour, size... just look how bold the print is? Not for the faint hearted I know, but as a (currently) pink haired girl, I'm not afraid of colour.

You can buy Fabric, by the metre (see below).....


However, my favourite item has to be the Rug.....

As soon as I saw this I'm sure my eyes glazed over and my mouth opened wide. I knew I had to buy one! Of course I shall tell my partner my finger accidentally clicked on the 'Add to Cart' button... everything after that would be a blur.

Sadly we live literally miles away from an IKEA, and they don't deliver everything they show online - clearly just show items you can't have for purely evil reasons.... So, I was really sad when I realised I couldn't also buy the fabric. This is only available in store, and I won't be going any time soon... One to add to the wishlist I guess!

What do you think? Do you own anything Buttony?

Until next time...

Gemma - The Mucky Pup