Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Handmade Christmas

Today is the 1st of December, which of course means that Christmas day is nearly upon us!

As an Artist I am always looking for ways to promote fellow Creative souls. So, why buy Handmade this Christmas?

Well, take a look at the "Buy Handmade Campaign". As they say, now is the time to buy handmade, and support your local small or family run businesses. All those indie Galleries, Craft shows and independent makers need our support, more than ever.

There are handmade items to suit everyone's budget, with sites like Folksy & Etsy where you can buy directly from the Artist...

From Christmas Decorations...

To Gifts...

Why it's great to buy Original Artwork for a Christmas Present.
  • It's Original - Unique 
  • Made with Love
  • More thought and effort has gone into choosing that perfect gift
  • Supporting Independent Makers or shops
  • Great for the Economy
  • Price vs Value?  
  • You spread the creative love!
Until next time...

The Mucky Pup

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Gift & Craft Fair

Hello Folks,

Just a quick reminder about an event coming up this weekend, on the 2nd of December..

Open from 10am till 3pm. There will be many stalls... with 33 exhibitors taking part! So hopefully something for all. I'll be there too, showcasing lots of Mucky Pup work!

If you're local, feel free to pop a long.. it's free entry, so bring the family.

Finally, good luck to all my crafting friends, who I know have many events of their own this season.

Until next time..

Gemma - The Mucky Pup.


Friday, 26 October 2012

Feeling a Little "Bla"?

Hello Folks,

Have you seen the new Jewellery range? Lots of colourful pieces are now available in The Mucky Pup's Folksy shop..

Like this necklace...

So if you're feeling a little "bla" today, head over to our Folksy shop to cheer up. 

The Mucky Pup

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Social Media: Good for an Artist?

Well, surely the only answer is yes? As an Artist myself I find the internet to be a large and interesting space full of people with common goals and dreams… It is also a place for information and inspiration.

When you go out and meet new people, you network. The development of the internet has made this possible for anyone, wherever they are. Allowing you as the Artist, to showcase your talent, voice your thoughts…and possibly even gain paid work!

The internet has grown vastly since it began, with over 80% of the population now using it. The rise in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow creative people the chance to show their work to a wider audience…bigger than any Gallery viewing. Your creative peers are also able to follow your progress through these sites, helping you gain inspiration from each other. Perhaps even developing your work into something greater…

Twitter and Facebook in particular also enable you to follow establishments you admire or wish to (one day) be a part of…for example, Artists may follow Galleries in the hopes that they take a look at their profile and like their work. Illustrators may hope to get noticed by a publisher looking for someone to illustrate a children’s book. It works both ways too; you may find a Gallery following you because they like your style…or persona! This doesn’t necessarily mean they wish to stock your work, however any contact is good contact.

Having your very own personal website as an Artist is seen as quite important nowadays, it acts as a digital portfolio. Something you can refer back to without carrying round a heavy folder full of work.

Don’t worry though…we aren’t all HTML geeks who know how to create a website from scratch, and that includes me!

If having a website really seems like the end of the world, there are many resources for creative practitioners on the internet, including many listings... such as Creative Boom. Or for those in North Yorkshire: CNY (Creative North Yorkshire). These sites act like a creative directory, where you can list your name and creative details...including your website address.  It’s easy! So if you’re not already on there think of the possibilities you could be missing!

Remember; always refer people to your website or social media page. Have a business card with the links. In today’s world of technology, you will find more and more people LOVE to correspond via emails or texts rather than speaking face to face. Gone are the days of the written letter from a special friend you haven’t seen in years…

What do you think? Do you spend all your free time promoting your work & business online? If so, do you see any results?

Until next time,

The Mucky Pup

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Pop-Up Gallery: Art & Gift Showcase

Hello Folks,

Well, we've certainly had a busy few weeks working on some new items. So keep an eye on The Mucky Pup's Folksy shop for new arrivals...

In the meantime, I just wanted to quickly share another Pop-Up event with you. The Art & Gift Show featuring many talented Artisans from North Yorkshire.

The event is taking place this Saturday, October 20th, in Scorton a small village in North Yorkshire. You will be able to come a long to meet the Artists from 10am.


Our Mucky Pup, Gemma will be at this event, showcasing some great new Original pieces. From Art, Felt work and even Jewellery! Like this Ring:

Sneak Peek: Bronze Tone Ring, Butterfly Design - Resin Dome.

There will be lots to see (& buy) so we hope you can come along.

Until next time,

The Mucky Pup.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Craft Fair vs Gallery

As an Artist and general crafter I am lucky enough to have work in Galleries around Yorkshire. I also manage to find time to promote and sell my work via Fairs... This got me thinking. Which is better?

Whether selling via a Gallery or a Craft Fair you need to have a fair idea of the profit margin for each of your creations. You will need to think about how much you would have to make (sell) in order to break even…..and then, hopefully make a profit.

Merino Wool Felt Sheep Painting.

For Craft Fairs, you also need to consider the costs of transport and any packaging you may use when selling.

Extra costs could be added if you wish to use electrical items, or other displays... each fair is different, and this is something that needs to be looked into.

.....and what about Child care? Many Craft Fairs are held on a weekend.

Due to all the extra costs to consider when exhibiting at a Craft Fair it may mean that you have to re-think your prices! But will they sell??

Craft Fairs can ultimately be an excellent way to promote your work, and business. Perhaps you have your own website, or Etsy/Folksy shop? These can be mentioned with each sale that you make. Plus, these events are a great way to network with Galleries and other Artists.

So what about showing and (hopefully) selling your work through a shop?

When showing your Artwork and Craft through Galleries remember the Gallery is doing a lot of the hard work for you! There are no hidden costs, no childcare to arrange.. a simple exchange of work, and should it sell… you can reap the rewards.

Galleries generally charge a Commission on every piece you sell, which can range from 30 to 50%, so this needs to be considered when pricing your work.

Whether showing your work via a Craft Fair or within a Gallery consider all costs before you sign on the dotted line. You need to be sure and fully happy with the contract. I've heard many stories of hidden costs, and been caught out myself!

Personally, I like having the opportunity to do both, but I do like having the interaction between people who view and compliment my work. Each "Aww" and "Ooh" makes me smile....

What are your thoughts? Have you had a good experience at a Craft Fair? What advice would you give?

Until next time,

The Mucky Pup

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Pop-Up Gallery, Affordable Art Show

Hello Folks,

I've just got a bit of time to tell you about an up and coming Art Exhibition, which I am thrilled to be a part of.

The "Pop-Up Gallery" is back with a bang for September, showcasing "affordable art" by local Artists. All Artwork will be for sale priced £50 or under.

The Exhibition takes place in the quaint market town of Leyburn (North Yorkshire). Held at the Warland's Gallery.  Also on show, will be work by contemporary Artist Christina Simpson.

There will be lots on offer, in a range of mediums, so...

If you live in North Yorkshire and can travel to Leyburn, do pop a long. The Exhibition will be on from the 8th of September, until the 30th.

Remember, all Artwork will be for sale. Hope to see you there!

Until next time..

Gemma - The Mucky Pup.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Felt (Fibre) Painting with Merino Wool

Hello Folks...

Just thought I'd show you one of my recent Felt "Paintings".

This small wall hanging is available through my Shop, Folksy & Etsy.
This Original piece is made by hand using Merino Wool, Felt & a Needle punching tool.
I'll be taking my creations to the next Sunday People's Market in September, but if you're not local, look out for new works in my shop soon.

Gemma - The Mucky Pup

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Darlington Sunday People's Market

I just wanted to share a fantastic new venture, brought to you by the people of Darlington. A local town, close to where I live.

The Darlington Sunday People's Market is a brand new Sunday market in the heart of Darlington's town centre. The Market which starts on August 5th promises to be an exciting event, with a variety of stalls. There will also be live music, balloons and even face painting for the children.

The Darlington Sunday People's Market is an ongoing event, initially be held on a monthly basis but the potential for that to be increased is there.. so who knows!

The Mucky Pup Gallery is lucky enough to have a stall, where we will be selling all types of handcrafted products. 

Felt Flower Brooches, available on The Mucky Pup Gallery stall. 

Many Darlington shop owners will also be trading on the day, including the friendly folk at Guru Boutique. So there really is something for everyone.

These types of Markets really help build communities, and more importantly they promote and support local business people.

So, if you happen to be around the North East on August the 5th, pop a long to Darlington's Town centre. The Market runs from 11am till 3pm.

 Image: Courtesy of The Darlington Sunday People's Market.

For more information about the Darlington Sunday People's Market head over to their Facebook page, where you will be able to find out more information, and perhaps take a peek at the other stalls available.

I hope to see you there!

Until next time,

Gemma - The Mucky Pup

Friday, 27 July 2012

Where To Find The Mucky Pup?

Well, it has already been a busy morning here at Gallery HQ. Having just managed to update our Website, it's time for a quick Blog.

If you haven't already been over to our site, take a look..... There is a lot to see, and you can even find out who the Mucky Pup is...

New to the website is the addition of a Links page:

On this page you will be able to find out where else you can find us, browse our products... and most importantly where to chat!

With Links to Facebook & Twitter, you'll be able to join in the fun! Post comments, ask questions or just plain "like" an image.

You can also see where else our products are for sale! With Links to our Folksy & Etsy shops. Don't forget you can also buy weekly specials from our website shop too.


We best get back to crafting...

If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them below. Do you have your own Links page? Perhaps you link to some other interesting sites... let us know!

Until next time..

The Mucky Pup.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Pop-Up Gallery (Craft Workshop).

Hello Folks,

I just thought I'd take a moment to tell you about an event happening this weekend, on the 21st July. 

You may have read a previous Blog post about a "Pop-Up Gallery" group, organised by Sue Dewhurst, a Yorkshire Artist. Well, the gang is back! This time the event is held at Redmire Village Hall, in North Yorkshire. 

This event is slightly different to the last, and includes drop-in workshops held by the Artists & Makers themselves! You'll be able to try out Jewellery making, willow weaving, paper cutting and take even a look at sculpting with driftwood. There will also be Artists showcasing their work.

Admission is Free to browse.

So, if you're out and about in Yorkshire this Saturday & feel like Crafting, then Pop a long to see the "Pop-Up Gallery" girls at Redmire Village Hall, 10am till 4pm. 

Until next time..

The Mucky Pup.


Monday, 2 July 2012


Lets dive right in…

Last night, after seeing the 20th update of people mentioning Pinterest, I decided to bite the bullet and see what all the fuss was about.

We’ve probably all heard the negative stories surrounding Pinterest, and whether it infringes on Copyright, which in part is quite likely true. However, sharing fellow Artists work doesn’t have to be a bad thing... Why can’t it be a fantastic thing?

After asking for some opinions via Facebook and Twitter, I saw the response was pretty positive. To set up a Pinterest account you have to be invited. So by the power of social media I was able to gain an invite pretty quickly, & so my adventure began.

I soon saw Pinterest was a place where anything could be Pinned, for whatever reason. When people Pin items, they are all linked back to the original source. So in theory, if someone Pins an item from Folksy, Etsy or alike, then the Artist will always get credit. If lucky, this will result in a sale. Promotion. Another positive point to the Pinterest argument.

Pinterest however is also a personal place where you can Pin your likes, hopes and dreams… As dramatic as that sounds it‘s kind of true. From people Pinning Cupcake ideas, to anything Wedding related. People are clearly using Pinterest as a social media Mood Board for ideas. 


I myself have taken to using Pinterest as a place for inspiration. With most of my boards featuring colour themes. These boards include objects, clothes, picturesque scenes & more… all in one colour. Like an Online colour wheel. 

Having only just started using Pinterest I know there is still a lot to learn. If you want to check out my Pins, you can find me by searching MuckyPupGallery

So what do you think about Pinterest? What type of images do you collect?

Is Pinterest a good or a bad idea?

Post your thoughts below. Or feel free to leave a comment via Facebook & join the debate.

Until next time..

The Mucky Pup.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Pop-Up Gallery, North Yorkshire Art Exhibition

You may already be aware of "The Pop-Up Gallery", where a collective of Artists showcase and sell their wares around North Yorkshire, in disused commercial spaces. 


The Pop-Up Gallery was founded by Sue Dewhurst an Artist currently residing in Yorkshire.

"My vision is to bring bursts of artistic activity to various unusual venues around the Dales in a series of one-day Pop-Up events.

Each event will have its own character and feel, with an ever-changing array of both traditional and contemporary Art. Some will involve interactive workshops; others will just be viewing and selling opportunities. All, will aim to be informal, fun and occasionally a bit hectic,  a chance for Artists to venture out of their studios and meet the rest of the world, exchange ideas or just have a chat". 

The idea is to help Artists, and also boost local economies in a bid to beat the recession.

On the 2nd of June, at Richmond Station in North Yorkshire, along with a number of other Artists Gemma, (from The Mucky Pup) will be selling her Art and other Handmade items.

So... for all you North Yorkshire folk, why not enjoy the recent good weather and pop to Richmond. The station itself has a permanent Gallery (holding ever changing Exhibitions), a restaurant & cinema!! What more do you need on a Saturday afternoon?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Welcome To The Mucky Pup Gallery Blog

Hello Folks! Thanks so much for taking a look at our new Blog. I'll be updating this section as often as possible with new information, how 2's and perhaps even the odd giveaway! So.. Just in case you didn't already know about The Mucky Pup, take a look at our first e-zine:

You can also follow us on Twitter and Like our page on Facebook, where you'll get to hear all the latest gossip!!

So.. for now, happy crafting everyone! Until next time... #Woof

Gemma (The Mucky Pup).