Friday, 26 October 2012

Feeling a Little "Bla"?

Hello Folks,

Have you seen the new Jewellery range? Lots of colourful pieces are now available in The Mucky Pup's Folksy shop..

Like this necklace...

So if you're feeling a little "bla" today, head over to our Folksy shop to cheer up. 

The Mucky Pup

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Social Media: Good for an Artist?

Well, surely the only answer is yes? As an Artist myself I find the internet to be a large and interesting space full of people with common goals and dreams… It is also a place for information and inspiration.

When you go out and meet new people, you network. The development of the internet has made this possible for anyone, wherever they are. Allowing you as the Artist, to showcase your talent, voice your thoughts…and possibly even gain paid work!

The internet has grown vastly since it began, with over 80% of the population now using it. The rise in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow creative people the chance to show their work to a wider audience…bigger than any Gallery viewing. Your creative peers are also able to follow your progress through these sites, helping you gain inspiration from each other. Perhaps even developing your work into something greater…

Twitter and Facebook in particular also enable you to follow establishments you admire or wish to (one day) be a part of…for example, Artists may follow Galleries in the hopes that they take a look at their profile and like their work. Illustrators may hope to get noticed by a publisher looking for someone to illustrate a children’s book. It works both ways too; you may find a Gallery following you because they like your style…or persona! This doesn’t necessarily mean they wish to stock your work, however any contact is good contact.

Having your very own personal website as an Artist is seen as quite important nowadays, it acts as a digital portfolio. Something you can refer back to without carrying round a heavy folder full of work.

Don’t worry though…we aren’t all HTML geeks who know how to create a website from scratch, and that includes me!

If having a website really seems like the end of the world, there are many resources for creative practitioners on the internet, including many listings... such as Creative Boom. Or for those in North Yorkshire: CNY (Creative North Yorkshire). These sites act like a creative directory, where you can list your name and creative details...including your website address.  It’s easy! So if you’re not already on there think of the possibilities you could be missing!

Remember; always refer people to your website or social media page. Have a business card with the links. In today’s world of technology, you will find more and more people LOVE to correspond via emails or texts rather than speaking face to face. Gone are the days of the written letter from a special friend you haven’t seen in years…

What do you think? Do you spend all your free time promoting your work & business online? If so, do you see any results?

Until next time,

The Mucky Pup

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Pop-Up Gallery: Art & Gift Showcase

Hello Folks,

Well, we've certainly had a busy few weeks working on some new items. So keep an eye on The Mucky Pup's Folksy shop for new arrivals...

In the meantime, I just wanted to quickly share another Pop-Up event with you. The Art & Gift Show featuring many talented Artisans from North Yorkshire.

The event is taking place this Saturday, October 20th, in Scorton a small village in North Yorkshire. You will be able to come a long to meet the Artists from 10am.


Our Mucky Pup, Gemma will be at this event, showcasing some great new Original pieces. From Art, Felt work and even Jewellery! Like this Ring:

Sneak Peek: Bronze Tone Ring, Butterfly Design - Resin Dome.

There will be lots to see (& buy) so we hope you can come along.

Until next time,

The Mucky Pup.