Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Handmade Christmas

Today is the 1st of December, which of course means that Christmas day is nearly upon us!

As an Artist I am always looking for ways to promote fellow Creative souls. So, why buy Handmade this Christmas?

Well, take a look at the "Buy Handmade Campaign". As they say, now is the time to buy handmade, and support your local small or family run businesses. All those indie Galleries, Craft shows and independent makers need our support, more than ever.

There are handmade items to suit everyone's budget, with sites like Folksy & Etsy where you can buy directly from the Artist...

From Christmas Decorations...

To Gifts...

Why it's great to buy Original Artwork for a Christmas Present.
  • It's Original - Unique 
  • Made with Love
  • More thought and effort has gone into choosing that perfect gift
  • Supporting Independent Makers or shops
  • Great for the Economy
  • Price vs Value?  
  • You spread the creative love!
Until next time...

The Mucky Pup